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Both B2B email marketing and cold emailing are about delivering value, building trust, and establishing credibility within the business community. The key lies in personalized and relevant communication that resonates with the recipient’s needs. With the right strategies and well-crafted messages, these approaches can open doors, generate leads, and drive business growth in the B2B landscape.

GlobalDBi lets you target your niche, create an email list and start your cold email campaigns in minutes.

Our mission

For sales and marketing professionals, obtaining precise email data for prospecting and cold email campaigns can be a challenging task. Many resort to scraping tools, which often yield personal email addresses unsuitable for B2B sales. 

Our mission was to develop an affordable data platform that offers real-time email verification with high accuracy. Our primary goal is to empower our clients to effortlessly connect, increase lead generation, and significantly amplify their revenue.

Audience Targeting

Target your niche by Industry, Location, Keywords, SIC or even account URLs.

Seamless Integration

Integrate to all the Top CRMs, Cold Email systems or any application through our API or Zapier connector.

Revenue Multiplier

Target new prospects every day with various campaigns to 10x your lead pipeline within the first 30 days and continue to grow from there.

Cold Emailing

We built this tool keeping in mind the needs of SDRs and BDRs that cold email everyday to generate new business. We will have our own Cold emailing system very soon.

GlobalDBi is used every day by over 1,788 brands all over the world.

Building a customized email list and niche audiences to target through cold email and cold calling has never been easier for these teams.

…and many more

" GlobalDBI transformed our electronic distribution firm's sales approach. With verified data accessible around the clock, our sales reps built a pipeline so formidable that its value skyrocketed by fivefold. This tool has truly revolutionized our success."

Avi T

Avi T

Sales Head

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GlobalDBI takes pride in being an equal opportunity provider, fostering diversity and inclusivity across its operations. With a team spanning across more than seven countries, we celebrate a multicultural work environment that enriches our perspectives and approaches. 

Write to with your resume. We are constantly hiring for AE’s, SDRs and Data Analytics professionals.

Our commitment to equality extends beyond borders, ensuring that every member of our team is empowered to contribute their unique talents and insights. This diverse workforce forms the backbone of our global success, enabling us to offer innovative solutions and exceptional service to clients worldwide.

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